Recent Books


Ronald Reagan and the Space Frontier (2019)

“Once again, John Logsdon puts us ‘in the room where it happens’ . . . No one is better at transforming meticulous research and complex history into and engaging and highly readable tale.”

– Kathryn Sullivan, former astronaut and Administrator, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

“Without question, Professor Logsdon is the preeminent historian of the U.S. space program.”

– Gilbert Rye, National Security Council Director for Space Programs, 1982-1985

“John Logsdon has told this story with verve and style. His depth of knowledge is unparalleled, his breadth of analysis is incomparable, and his presentation is unrivaled in this superb account.”

– Roger Launius, author and former NASA chief historian


The Penguin Book of Outer Space Exploration (2018)

“Professor Logsdon is uniquely qualified for the task – to reveal the cultural, political, and scientific correspondence that birthed and sustains our era of space exploration.”

– Neil deGrasse Tyson, American Natural History Museum

“Brimming with fascinating behind-the-scenes details from the birth of the Space Age through the race to the Moon and beyond, this remarkable collection from one of America’s preeminent space historians is a treasure.”

– Andrew Chaikin, author, A Man on the Moon

“A thought-provoking documentary journey through the maze of space history. There is no wiser or more experienced navigator through the twists and turns and ups and downs than John Logsdon.”

– James Hansen, author, First Man


After Apollo? Richard Nixon and the American Space Program (2015)

“From me comes only praise, multi-faceted praise.”

– Michael Collins, Apollo 11

“Every President since has followed the Nixon space policy, yet we study it far less than Kennedy’s. If you want to understand what happened then – and how it is still affecting us 40 years later – read this book. Study it. Learn from the past to change the future.”

– Wayne Hale, space shuttle program manager and shuttle flight director

“Expertly researched, wonderfully written, very readable…Essential reading for everyone concerned with the course of space exploration.”

– Professor Howard McCurdy, American University.


John F. Kennedy and the Race to the Moon (2010)

“A comprehensive and insightful retrospect of the conception and early days of Project Apollo.”

– Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11

“Logsdon’s book is a high quality scholarly work, deeply researched but still an easy read.”

– Bill Anders, Apollo 8

“An extraordinary book . . . How President Kennedy reached his fateful decision to enter the space race to reach the Moon is now told fully in an insightful and authoritative way.”

– Von Hardesty, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum


Recent Articles

“What to Call the Moon”

November, 2018

Is it moon or Moon? In AIAA’s Aerospace America November 218 issue, Dr. John Logsdon weighs in on whether or not Earth’s one and only natural satellite should be written with a capital “M”. In the article, Dr. Logsdon looks at the history of...

“Once We Went to the Moon”

October, 2018

Dr. John Logsdon’s article, which discusses a U.S. return to the moon, appears in AIAA’s Aerospace America October 2018 issue. The article considers the factors that led to the initial moon landings in the Apollo program, and the circumstances that exist...

“The Costs of Human Spaceflight Are High. History Shows the Benefits Are Too”

September, 2018

Dr. John Logsdon weighs in on the costs and benefits of human spaceflight in his article, “The Costs of Human Spaceflight are High. History Shows the Benefits Are...